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News for the next update

September 7th, 2015, 6:00 pm

Eyyyyyyyyyy folks, how's it going?

Haven't exactly seen much news on the webcomic, right? Well here you guys are!

Updates are gonna be at random, usually whenever there's fresh pages just finished. Sometimes that's often, other times it isn't. Now it may be a little while until the next update because of several reasons:

A. Looking back at those pages, and being given critiques by a friend and my father (who I was surprised to see that he knows what he was talking about. Thank you, Papi :D) I realized that I haven't let myself completely flow. I love my shading style to bits and all, but I feel like I could be more. I feel like....I need to add more of me in there. So it may take a while because I'm looking up several techniques throughout the internet as well as trying out a few things, such as ways to do backgrounds and the like. Shouldn't be too terribly long, though.

B. From the 10th to the 14th are no-draw days. Why? Because I'm going to be on a trip to California to finally meet my love, FireRedDragon. I've been waiting for this forever and I'm so excited to finally meet him face to face :D I can't describe how happy I am, but let's move on before I end up making a long gross sobbing news post about sap instead of sci-fi stories with kickass anthros.


D. IS FOR DISTRACTION. D IS ALSO FOR DEVIANTART. There's an RP group that I've been occasionally investing my time on. It's not top priority, but I will do stuff for that on occasion. If you need my dA, you can look for MoonPhyr.

E. Life.

And I believe that should be it in regards to this update about Shisenota. Bear with me, but I WILL submit pages as it goes along. For now, enjoy yourself! :D